PKW - Wybory samorządowe 2006

Electoral geography

gm. Kobylin-Borzymy



Commune gm. Kobylin-Borzymy
Number of inhabitants 3,796
Number of electors 2,895

Reeve election

Number in the list Family name and given names Age Education Address, party membership and endorsements Number of votes % votes Elected
1 Mojkowski Wojciech 34 wyższe Mojki, submitted by Komitet Wyborczy Prawo i Sprawiedliwość, not a member of any political party 809 55.56% Yes
2 Pogorzelski Ryszard 43 wyższe Kobylin-Pogorzałki, submitted by Komitet Wyborczy Wyborców Rozwój Gminy Kobylin - Borzymy, not a member of any political party 647 44.44% No


Number of Turnout Number of votes
electors dispensed ballot cards cast valid % valid
2893 1468


1468 1456 99.18%